HydroBlade T1001* Integration Blade – TMGcore

HydroBlade T1001* Integration Blade

Integrating the future and the past into today.

The TMGcore HydroBlade O1211 is designed as a universal building block.


Designed for Designing

Each T1001 unit is intended to provide a "blank slate" onto which additional components or offerings can be integrated and new concepts designed, tested and integrated.

Designed for Power

The T1001 includes up to 6,000 watts of power capacity and various power interconnectivity options, allowing for the development of the world's most powerful next generation server technologies.

Designed for Simplicity

One of the primary uses of the T1001 is converting existing commercial, off-the-shelf equipment to the TMGcore OTTO platform. The T1001 allows existing COTS equipment to be integrated into OTTO.

Designed for Connectivity

By providing support for 10G Ethernet, 100G Ethernet and 100G InfiniBand, as well as a number of equipment interconnection options, the T1001 can be integrated into virtually any networking environment.