HydroBlade G1611 – TMGcore

HydroBlade G1611

The worlds most powerful single unit server.

The TMGcore HydroBlade G1611 is designed from the ground up to enable the Next Generation of GPU Accelerated Applications for virtually all use cases.


16 NVidia V100 GPUs

The G1611 features a total of 16 NVidia V100 GPUs with 32GB of RAM each. These GPUs are interconnected in two 8 node NVLink clusters for rapid GPU to GPU communications.

Dual Intel Xeon CPUs

By including support for the latest generation of CPUs from the Intel Salable Processor family of offerings from Intel, the G1611 delivers superior application performance.

High Speed, High Capacity Memory

The G1611 supports up to 1.5TB of DDR 4 2666 MHz memory, providing ample capacity for even the most intensive applications.

Dual 10G or 100G* Connectivity Options

By providing support for both 10G Ethernet and both 100G Ethernet* as well as 100G InfiniBand*, the G1611 can be integrated into virtually any networking environment.