HydroBlade C1211* – TMGcore

HydroBlade C1211*

An evolutionary approach to traditional computing.

The TMGcore HydroBlade C1211 re-defines High Density CPU based computing.


6 Dual CPU Nodes

Each C1211 includes 6 C1211 CPU nodes in a fully integrated, single 1 OIU form factor.

Dual Intel Xeon CPUs

By including support for the latest generation of CPUs from the Intel Salable Processor family of offerings from Intel, the G1211 delivers superior application performance.

High Speed, High Capacity Memory

Each C1211 compute node supports up to 512GB of DDR 4 2666 MHz memory, providing sufficient memory for the most demanding applications.

Dual 10G or 100G Connectivity Options

By providing support for both 10G Ethernet and both 100G Ethernet as well as 100G InfiniBand, the C1211 can be integrated into virtually any networking environment.