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OTTO Ready Solutions

The TMGcore OTTO Ready Solutions are designed to provide customers and solution providers with complete, holistic turn key packages and offerings consisting of purpose built OTTO platforms, components and software.
OTTO Ready Solutions provide customers with the highest density, most efficient solutions to meet their business needs.

OTTO Ready Solutions for

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

As smart computers get smarter, the demands for high-density, purpose-built, computing environments designed specifically to meet the density and power needs of these systems continue to increase. The OTTO platform provides heretofore unimaginable equipment densities, enabling the creation of clusters which are more powerful then what can be achieved using conventional cooling and interconnection technologies.

OTTO Ready Solutions for

Edge & Smart City

The IoE (Internet of Everything) evolution continues to accelerate. These platforms demand the highest levels of flexibility in terms of deployment locations and overall architecture. OTTO enables these platforms to provide the highest levels of service, reliability and value to their populations.

OTTO Ready Solutions for

Oil & Gas

Exploring the depths for exploitable resources is a highly demanding challenge. In a world where every second matters, the OTTO platform allows organizations to deploy the compute resources they require in the locations where they are most useful, maximizing the organizations profitability.

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As the cloud evolution continues, the line between "HPC" and "VDI" continues to blur. The OTTO platform allows organizations to rethink the manner in which they deploy these critical enterprise resources to provide the maximum return on their investment and highest levels of end user experience.

OTTO Ready Solutions for

Financial Services

When success depends on microseconds, there is nothing more important then ensuring that your systems are able to deliver a strong competitive advantage. The densities, simplicity and capabilities of the OTTO platform allow financial service organizations to rethink how they deploy their most critical infrastructure.

OTTO Ready Solutions for

Research & Education

Developing the next generation of cures, materials and processes requires the next generation of high performance computing infrastructure. The OTTO platform enables organizations to solve problems and develop solutions faster, more efficiently and with less complexity.

OTTO Ready Solutions for

CAD, Modeling & Rendering

We live in a visual world. Turning raw video into a beautiful user experience can be a complex and costly process and it can be difficult to ensure that the source material will match well to the final display media without herculean efforts. By employing OTTO technology, organizations can render faster and in places never before possible.

OTTO Ready Solutions for


E-sports, e-gaming and e-entertainment are some of the fastest growing industries in the world today. As with any new industry, finding technology solutions to meet never before seen challenges can be quite the undertaking. The OTTO platform has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of industries that will benefit from the next generation of purpose built, high density computing solutions.