Design and Testing Services – TMGcore

Design and Testing Services

Working together to enable the next generation of high density computing technologies.

TMGcore is a leader in the development of advanced, high density computing devices that emphasize the development of hardware and holistic solutions designed for integration and operation within our OTTO based two phase liquid immersion cooled data center platform. We offer a wide array of services to assist organizations who build, design and integrate high-density computing devices in the design, development, testing and commercialization of cutting-edge two phase liquid immersion cooled computing hardware.

Design and Engineering Services

Our team of immersion cooling experts is ready and able to assist companies in the task of designing and building high density computing applications that are cooled using two phase liquid immersion technology and integrated into the OTTO platform. Our services include:

Assistance with converting existing commercially available hardware offerings for use within the OTTO platform

General design guidance and best practices for immersion cooling optimized offerings

Design reviews and layout optimization assistance

Evaluation of thermal requirements and design of effective thermal solutions, including the development and use of boiling enhancement coatings (BECs)

Recommendations for software design and development to ensure proper equipment operation within an immersion environment

Guidance for the design of hardware and software that can be integrated into and managed by the TMGcore OTTOmanager platform, the integrated equipment management environment powering offerings within the OTTO platform

Testing and Quality Assurance Services

Some of the biggest challenges in the development of high density computing hardware are proper cooling of that hardware during the development process and the assurance that finished products are properly assembled and work as intended. TMGcore provides an array of services specifically designed to assist organizations during their product testing and quality assurance processes. These services include:

Development of hardware specific testing protocols and standards for quality testing and assurance

Development of appropriate testing apparatuses, environments, software and hardware enhancements to ensure proper testing and high quality

Full scope implementation of equipment testing and quality assurance processes within TMGcore operated facilities, or assistance to the customer in implementing their own such programs at their own facilities

Assistance with the incorporation of testing and quality assurance feedback into the other aspects of the product life cycle, including component selection and assembly