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About TMGcore

Thank you for your interest in learning more about TMGcore.

TMGcore is a Texas-based limited liability company initially focused on the development of advanced data center hardware and solutions.

TMGcore is in the process of developing a suite of hardware, software and other revenue generating capital assets that TMGcore believes can be coupled with the its strict operational standards to provide a market advantage relative to traditional data center technologies. TMGcore conducts its product research, development and general business operations in a facility in Dallas, Texas that was designed specifically for commercial scale data center applications.

TMGcore believes that it has developed a data center technology portfolio and suite of product offerings

that provide a highly beneficial environment for large-scale, high-density computing operations, as well as distributed edge and "over the edge" applications. This infrastructure is centered around the Company’s two-phase liquid immersion cooling platform and high efficiency power system design. Additionally, TMGcore has developed partnerships and collaborations with industry professionals in the fields of data center power and cooling systems, advanced systems management and automation technologies, data center operations and next generation high capacity power system engineering to provide customers with a holistic ecosystem of product and service offerings.